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  1. Journey in Saint Petersburg

    Friday, August 9, 2013

    And then, wanna share about our journey in St peters.
    If we wanna go to st peters from moscow, may be around 10 hours if we go by bus.
    Personally, i think st peters is more beautiful than moscow. 
    It was in Summer, but the weather is damn cold. feels like semi winter. *lebay*
    The building in st peters show a very european style, historical style, and any other style lahhhh.
    I love the detail of the building in this place, may be the architect spend very long time to make the detail and unique carving. 
    And if you have chance to visit this place, i reccomend you to try the river cruise. this one is very famous there. you can see the closinf/opening of the bridge in the middle of the night in the centre of river, and in the centre of st petersburg city. what a beautiful place.
    And dont forget to go to Hermitage Museum where you can see the real mummy. 

                                                        Rombongan seligerian indonesia tercinta :')

                                                  Menyusuri sungai sepanjang malam :p

    oke byeeeeeeeee

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