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  1. International Youth Forum Seliger 2012

    Monday, February 11, 2013

    Finally,,buka blog lagi,, setelah sekian lama,hahaha..

    I just wanna share something about my journey  during International Youth Forum Seliger on 9th until 17th July 2012 in Russia.

    That was very awesome Forum,, and it just like a dream for me, where i can meet many students from all over the world, and we can know each other in that forum. And also my lovely friend from Indonesia, during that time. i realllyyyyy have a very nice time with them, :")

    Indonesian delegation

    We were there around 1 week, and there were so many funny things happenned.  And i just like a child that never see the real world, because i was very excited about the environment around me.

                                                   Seligerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Rock XD

                                                        Koaciongggerssss,,  :D

                                          Photo session di siang hari di tepi danau seligerr ,hahaa

    My friend deka, and I travelled around that seliger lake, and also went to the small village around there.
    We could fine the raspberry trees, and we collected that raspberry . I was like OMG,, I loveeeeee thisss.. I was very excited to see the red fruits with aggregate berries, and that fruit is so cute .. *oke ini lebayy..
    We also met one reporter from Russia, so, 3 of us were hunting raspberry together. yeahhhh.. Sad but true,, until now i dont know the name of our Russian partner for collecting that raspberries, because he can't speak english. Yes, i know, it sad. but, we enjoy our time together..

                                                   Deka and Raspberries, :)

    Hasil Panen raspberry ,hahaha

                              He is the russian reporter who accompany us for hunting this fruit XD

    And then, we also went to the forest near our camp,  that was such a very beautiful forest . I just remember about the Harry Potter scenery or Lord of The Ring. hahahaha.. *just my Illusion*
    And guess what?? we found manyyy small shrub, that have a little cute blue fruits.. I was wondering, what is that? was it poisonous fruit?  but, it looks like delicious.. and, When we asked to the Russian friend that passed by us,, they told us that it is Blueberry.  And i just like, OMG, like seriouslyy? is it real  Blueberry? *lebayy lagi..*   yess, because i love this  fruits.. I never see this kind of temperate fruits in the real forest directly like this,, i just see them in,when i picked them up directly , i feels very happyy... HAHHAHAA

                                                  Yuppp,, mari berburu blueberyy

                                                        Isn't it cute ?*apantahh  :P

    And then,,Deka and I also have another fun stories during that forum.. We went to small village around there without tell our coordinator, we know that it was a mistake, but, we just go,hahahaa..  I was surpriseee, i could see many cherry trees ..Many people look at us when we passed by,, may be they seldom see asian face before..But, they are very kind, and One of the fruit seller asked to take picture with us, and they gave us cherryy fruit,, so sweeetttttt XD


                                                     Di sebuah desa di Russia

    We also went to the famous church in Seliger, it is one of the tourism object there. Deka and I took many picture, because, the scenery was awesome,,, ^^

                                                   Beautiful scenery .....

    And another funny story is,, we accidentaly going to a Russian wedding in the ship that travelled around Lake Seliger . OMG,, i cant stop laughing .. When we saw there's a ship near the lake, we went there and wanna see what happened there because there are many people in that area. We just go inside the ship, and asked what happened.. BUT,, before we know, the ship already goooo far away , faaaaar awaaaay from the lake.. We were reallyy panic.. we thought we were trapped in the big ship ,and will go to another country and cant come back. *suddenly think like that,haha*  But,, we tried to ask people, and they said,, "Oh, this is wedding ceremony girls, we will travell around this lake for about one hour, and will come back again to the camp after this" .. Thanks God..  Then, we just pretended to be one of the friend of the bride .. So, we just stay in the ship, and WOW there were so maaanyyyyyyyy delicious food, fruit, and etc that i dont know the name of the food. I feels like in a dream. When we enjoy the view of the lake, one of the committe approach us, and asked.. "hi girls,, both of u are the friends of which side of the bride? "   we just like ,omg, how to answer??? and deka said. "oohhh,, actually, we accidentally go inside this ship and cant come back".. we wait for the response :  krik,krik,krik .. ._.  Suddenly, he laughed .. And he told us he will not tell anybody about this. HAHAHAHA.. fiuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. untung laaa..

    Such a wondefulll experienceee in this lake ^^

    Dua mempelai :p

    I reallyyyyy love my group. In our group, it consist of some Indonesian, Chinese, Cambodia, taiwan, and Malaysian,Russian, and Uzbekistan.. and our coordinator is Russian.. Both of them are  very kind .:)

                                                                 447 : Thats our name XD

    We also could enjoy many games that prepared by the committee .. Oh, feels like holiday,..

    And i can't forget this beautifulll place ,,

    During the class

    I miss everybody in Seligeerrrrrrrrrr

    We are Laskar pelangi, Bangka Belitung :D 

    Indonesian :D

    Okeyy, I think thats all for the story,, is it long story? i think not really,haha


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