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  1. Lake seliger

    Sunday, July 15, 2012

    It's random post again. I just want to post a beautiful picture in Lake Seliger, Russia..  with blue sky , white clouds, and suny day.. Yes, I love this view...  Thanks god, i can have chance to visit this place in International Youth Forum Seliger 2012 ...

    yesterday, we have global village festival, and we represent Indonesia.  Guess what, there were many people came to our booth. *happyy*   ^^V
    We also prepared Indonesian food, and Souvenirs from Indonesia. And, of course we wear batik and kebaya.. :))

    okey,, i think that's all for this time.. *yeah, i know this is very random*
    i will post another things later.. haha.
    oke bye..:P

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