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  1. Time flies so fast i think,, it's already two month since first time i came here on 27th february 2012 for my student exchange program. And now, 20th April .By the way, tomorrow is 21th April, Kartini's day.. ( Selamat hari kartini yaa). ok, back to the topic,, about Springgg.. yeah,, It's spring now.. I can feel the sunshine. But the wind is still a killer.

    What i love the most from this time is The cherry blossom flowers or Sakura. ( in korea they call it cherry blossom, but in Japan they call it sakura). This flowers are really beautiful with pink colour, or sometimes white colour. This flowers only exist for 10 days from 1st April until 10th april,, so fast..

    In the end of march, we can see the pistil of the flowers, and after that, all flowers will bloom together . The time when the flowers blooming together is the best time for us to take picture,hoho..

    This tree is one of the cherry blossom tree inside my campus, Pukyong University.

    The flowers bloom everywhere,around my dormitory, campus, outside campus, and one of the famous place for cherry blossom festival is Jinhae. We went there in the middle of the blooming time, woohooo.. So awesome..

    All the flowers will fall down on 8th,9th,or 10th april, The falling process also really beautiful, feels like in autum time. Moreover, the wind in busan is really strong, so, The flowers also fall in big amount in short time. After the falling process, The trees will be green in colour. It just have the leaves. No more flowers, no more pink. Only green everywhere. ( but, still beautiful,hehe)

    And this place, inside my campus too. Between the 2 faculty (i forget the name of the department). During flowering time, this place is one of the most beautiful place in campus, many students take picture also due to the short time flowering. In the 2 side of the road, there are a lot of cherry blossom trees, and when they are blooming, it's make a perfect scenery.

    The river in Jinhae ( Cherry blossom festival). This place is very famous in Korea during spring. They have the bridge with river in the middle of the bridge side,also the most important is the cherry blossoms trees along the road and bridge. It just amazing, i don't know how to describe.

    The picture above is picture of cherry blossom during falling time. All the flowers falling to the ground, and the pink flowers spread up in the road.

    And this picture was taken around 15th April, where all the flowers already gone. And It become green until summer. when the autum season come, the leaves will be yellow or brown in colour, and all the leaves will fall until winter come..

    That's the short story about Flowering time in Korea.... I will miss Busan when i go back to Malaysia. I have such a really good time in here.. So sad, i have to leave busan on 22th June. It mean that two month more to go.

    So, I want to enjoy the remaining time that i can get in here. Enjoy the flower, enjoy the food, enjoy the weather, and enjoy the culture..

    See you again in the next post..

    Byeeee.. XD

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    1. Anonymous said...

      I like your second last picture. Quiet a snap :D

    2. Anonymous said...

      Hope someday i'll see that beautiful thing with my own eyes. Miss U bubu^^~ Bogoshippoyo~
      Don't forget to bring me special cherry blossom when u back to our lovely hometown^^

      -Kyu lover- LOL XD

    3. hey anonymous yg mengaku sbagai kyu lover,,
      i know you for sure. hahaha..
      you are my madesuk sister( bukan madesu tapi madesuk, beda lo yim ,wkwkwk ).
      aok,, amiinnnnn yime channn,, ^_^
      i missss u tooooooo...
      bunga cherry blosom e lah kering tpi mn q lah balik ke bangka, dk hal ok? haha,,:P

    4. Anonymous said...

      wkwkwkwk,asyeeemmm. I know la madesuk --> masa depan sukses, kalo madesu --> Suram,wkwkwk.
      Ihh.. bubu ja'at,,kan bise diawetin pake formalin,haha. Dak ape dak bu ayank~ :p

      -Still Kyu lover~

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