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  1. Journey in Busan,South Korea

    Thursday, March 15, 2012

    Thanks god, i have chance to study in Pukyong National University , South Korea, for one semester. Although, I don't know how to speak korean language fluently.. So, I just take the class that have the english version.

    This journey will be one of my unonforgetable moment in my life, :)

    We will stay in Busan for about 4 month, and will feel 3 kinds of season.. The end of winter, spring, and the beginning of summer.. Perfect.. mmm, But,, We miss the autum, i heard that autum in busan is gergous, when the cherry blossom falls, and the temperature also so soft..

    Now, we face the end of winter.. It's damn freezing cold.. T_T.. really different with Malaysia and Indonesia which have dry and rain season, moreover in my hometown, Bangka Belitung province,, it's really hot. I just feels like summer all the year there. But,, I miss Hot and dry temperature.. Cold is not always nice, sometimes it can be killer everyday. And here, everyday i check the weather forecast and hope the temperature will increase..

    Pancaroba for me,, from Malaysia the temperature is damn hot, and when i arrived in Korea, the temperature is minus .. May be, I will be used to this weather someday.

    March is considering as spring,, but, it's still cold.. never mind lah, as long as it have subshine everyday, and sometimes a little bit warm. When I'm going to class every morning, I love to observe the grass.. I'm really excited when i see the green grass. It's looks like there's a life..haha.. And one more thing is the beautiful morning in Pukyong University,, i love it when they play the instrumental music around pukyong with the loudspeaker. Feels like in Korean drama during winter.. so sweet,,,

    The food? mmmmmmm,, sometimes i like the food here, but sometimes i don't like..
    First time eating kimchi, I feels like it's not my type, no more.haha.. i dont like kimchi, i don't know why, whereas kimchi is one of the traditional healthy food in Korea. and also, I can't eat pork . so, I have to ask to 'ahjumma' in my dormitory every day whether the food contain pork or not. My favourite food in here is Korean Pancake, with octopus and vegetables.. I forget the korean name..hehe.. Another food is Rice with octopus , Takoyaki with octopus ( yeah, I know,, all about octopus. Octopus will be my favourite because it's seafood. and i can eat,,:D )

    We were going to Beomeossa Temple, Busan Tower, Nampodong Market, Seomyeon, Heundae Beach, Nurimaru Apec house, and the most important things is I can see the gwanggali Bridge from My Dorm, so beautiful...

    (Busan Tower)

    ( gwanggali bridge, view from our Dormitory)
    I think,, It's enough for today,
    see u next time,,, XDXDXD

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    1. kapan bisa kekorea juga...hehehe
      keren mantaapppp

    2. amiinnnnnn,, klak rapsih nyusul juga,:))

    3. Ssintokki said...

      wahh,,, keren, disana kuliah jurusan apa?? biologi juga?? padahal tadi lagi searching materi2 laporan praktikum, eh malah nemu blog ini .. salam kenal ^^

    4. jurusan ekologi, iya, salam kenal juga :)

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