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    Sunday, June 19, 2011

    We went to Cameron Highland On Saturday, 21st August 2010 in early morning. We need 3 hour to arrived on that place. Actually, we could enjoy the journey on the way. But, the street is turning like a wheel. It made us get splitting headache. Cameron Highland is one of the most important sites of the country’s fast disappearing tropical rainforestin Malaysia. And known as montane forest. BOH Tea Centre is one of the interesting place that we have to visited in Cameron Highland. BOH Tea Centre provide amazing background. and scenery with full of tea garden . It located just about brinchang . Supported by a cool and fresh air , it made us squeezed. There are many interesting place in Cameron Highland for example : Strawberry Farm, Honeybee Farm, Butterfly Park, Lata Iskandar Waterfall, and the others.

    It’s been a long journey to arrived on the BoH tea centre. We were completely fagged out after pass that long and wheely track. Even one of my friend vomited. But, all of the fattique will gone at all, when we saw the exquisite panorama. The first sensation was the climate. That was a cool place. With the fresh atmosphere. This field is at 1500 m above sea level. The temperature is about 23 C, and can go as low as 16 C at night. You will feel the sense of mountain range with heavenliness taste. May be, it is an excessive statement. But, if you were there. You could feel it. This place has very different temperature with the other place in Malaysia. People or visitor who want to find a distinctive sensation of weather can go to this place.
    The second sensation is the wonderful outlook. You could see the Tea Plant along your tour. You could stop to take some picture and enjoyed the green view. It just like , we were in the villa. Many people brought their cutie doggy. And took picture together. It was free entertainment for the visitor.And you also could enjoy your meal while drink a cup of coffee in a cool café that provided by the administrator of that place. You could choose your favourite menu, and feel the power of nature. Actually, there are a lot of people took picture in the end of the café part, because it reserve a tea garden scenery.
    The next sensation is Shopping for “all about tea” things. We are not only see, but also we can buy the tea product in tea shop. There are a lot of item that you can buy. With BOH tea label packages. For example, tea , souvenir like clothes and T_shirt, mug, tea coffee, bag, tea jam, etc. so, we can take them home as gift for our friend.
    to BOH tea centre could increase our knowledge too. Along the side of a Big Building there, you can find a lot of pamphlet, booklet and brochure that explain about Boh Tea, Tea, and the geography structure of Cameron Highland, Flora, fauna, and the Forest.
    As we know that, the supporting factor to increase the number of visitor is the clean environment, strategic location with good transportation , and the internal factor include safety, comfort and easy to develop.

    For the first point, I agree that BOH tea planatation has clean environment, no doubtfull to reject it. Whereas, the climate is very cool. It’s really attract the visitor. The visitor like to find a new athmosphere, from the hot environment to the cool air. But, one of the problem about environment come from the visitor because of tourism activity. They produce a lot of waste material, and if it happened in large amount, it can make a big problem for the environment. So, we have to aware of the trash mountain with waste management.
    You can take a good example from the other country, such as Scotland. Scotland has potential to be one of the top tourist destination in Europe, the Scotland government has ambition to make Scotland to be a ‘zero waste’ country by encouraging all visitors to reduce, reuse, and recycle all of the waste that they produce. By looking at a good example, and apply it in the reality. This place can be ‘free waste’ tourism destination, which has clean and fresh environment.
    Then, the strategic location with good transportation. Actually, there are a lot of bus that provided you to go to Cameron Highland with suitable cost. You can go to Puduraya or KL central and found the bus. You just pay RM 29 until RM 35 to go there. And it take 4 hour travel time. Certainly, The location is not really strategic, because it very far from Kuala Lumpur. But, with the supporting factor, and good traffic transportation, people can arrived there without worried about that. And the other alternative is going there by our own vehicle or car. It is very interesting when we can enjoy the landscape with our family by our own transport. It give us more chance to go whatever we want in that place.
    For the internal factor include safety, comfort and easy to develop. I think it reach the point. BOH tea sungei Palas quite safe for us to go, and make us comfort too. And it easy to develop because it already has brand name and famous as one of the tourist destination. So, the manager and administrator just have to develop it more in order it can attract more visitor.

    Next, in my mind, there are some point that have to increase in the arrangement of the management in BOH tea. First, it’s about the service for the visitor. The administrator have to increase the service level. For example, in BOH tea centre, there are some place for visitor, like BOH gallery, this place provide a lot of information about tea, about the machine to make the tea, and the history of the Brand of BOH tea centre. But, it just information without other service, like they provide a waiter and make a stall. So, the visitor can ask more about BOH tea to the waiter in that place.

    Entirely, it’s quite entertaint us as the visitor to refresh our body , soul, and mind with all of the facilities and georgeous landscape. But, there was one things that intrude us too,the path or way was too restricted. That things would disturb our convenience. When two car come together in the same street. It would be a slender problem. I hope that, the path or way will be upgrated as soon as possible because the access of transportation is one of the supporting factor to increase the number of visitors.

    And, I hope they can enhance their facilities especially for the toilet. As a top tourist destination, it must have nice toilet with average standarization or international recognition in order it can support the top brand quality of that place. Toilet is one of the basic facility to support the tourist destination. So, if the providing of basic infrastructure is well organized,
    At last, I just have one sentence. This place is really amazing. Come visit this place and you can feel the sensation of nature.

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