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    Saturday, June 18, 2011

    This is my cerpen.. assignment from my teacher in senior high school. hehe

    In my Diary
    It was a sunny day in Singapore. Yeah , Singapore is a great country with high building and a lot of department store, especially in Tampines. My name is Glory Benson. I live in Tampines, street 11, Singapore . I study at the National University in Singapore. It has a long history dating back to 1998 for me. I had an unforgettable experience in this college. It made me shock.
    When I was in the first year in my college, I walked as slowly as possible in a long road. I wanted to back to my apartment in Tampines. I have to used an underground train from the geylang station. It was a tired day. But it was a happy day when there was a great landscape, the flower was fall down to the ground. The other people did their own activity happily.

    07.00 – June 5th
    Oh my god, Its bad day. I got up lately because I was very tired yesterday. I was straight to take a bath and went to my college in a hurry. I went to my teacher’s room to submit my examination
    There was a lot of paper , and I was confused to put that paper. Suddenly, my teacher came to that room.
    “Hey,you. What are you doing now? Said my teacher, mrs.Helena.
    “Nothing,mrs. I’m sorry. I only want to submit my last exam.” I answered.
    “Hmm,,Okay. You may go now.” She said again
    “Thanks.” I replied

    June 10th
    I was doing my own activity like usually. I went to my college, met my friend, and so on. But, when I talked with my friend, Jeremy, my teacher came to our class and called me.
    “Glory Benson, come to my room now.”said mrs Helena with an angry face.
    I didn’t know, what was happened. But I think, it was a bad problem.
    “Oh my god, what is it? What’s my mistake? I don’t know anything. Please, somebody help me.” I said it in my mind.
    The day was overcast like my feeling. The wind blew my body and it was so cool. I didn’t take a robe or jacket. But the worse problem was about mrs Helena. Why did she call me?
    When I finished in her room, . .
    “Sit Down!!, I ‘ll give you a bad score in your examination. And you’ll be drop out from this college.”
    “What!!!!What is the problem, I don’t know anything mrs.”Said me.
    “you have took my book in the school grade. There is a auestions for the last examination. And it’s a big mistake. I’m very disappointed to you.”mrs Helena answered.
    “That’s not mine, I never doing that act. Please, trust me.” I begged to mrs Helena.
    “No,,I saw you in my room last week. And its only you. So, if I lost my book, it because of you.” She judged me…

    My eyes tearstained with my tear. I didn’t believe if my future will gone. I wanted to kill my self. What about my parent in New York? I didn’t want to make my parent disappointed to me. Oh my god, give me your bless.

    “Glory, whats happened?” Jeremy said to me.
    “I don’t know James.” Said me. I called my friend, Jeremy, James.
    “Please, tell it to me. May be I can help you to solve your problem. I as your friend, isn’t it? Said james.
    “Yeah, thanks James. I will go from this college, because I will droped out now. I don’t know, where will I go.”
    “Glory, I’m sorry to hear that. But why?”
    “Mrs Helena accused me, steal her school grade book. And I wanted to search the other college in this town. I want to be a success person.”
    “Glory, I still be your friend. Call me if you need my help, okay.”
    Jeremy smile to me and it made a fresh feeling for me. He is my best friend.
    I met him two years agoin Jurung, Singapore. Jurung is a tourism place there. It was a snowy place like in the north pole. When I played in the ice, someone collised me in to the ground deliberately. And then, he said an apologiza statement .
    “I’m sorry, I’m not intentional. I don’t see anything because I lost my glasses.”
    “Never mind, may I help you to search your glasses?”
    “Oh,yes. Thanks. My name is Jeremy Lianson. You can call me james.”
    “ You can Call me Glory.”
    Since that moment, we are a good friend. Moreover, wa studied at the same college..

    July 3th
    Before I gone from my college, I want to met my friend in the last day. And I went to mrs helena’s room. But, there was a Japanese girl who look doing something.
    “Konichiwa. I’m sorry, what are you doing now?
    She didn’t answer my question, .
    “Sumimasen, Nanika sashi agemasoka? Can I help you ?
    I looked at her hand, she hold something, and it like a paper. I knew, the person who took mrs helena’s book is her. Her name is Mashatoshi koshiba. She is a Japanese.
    “you. In fact you take that book. I will report it to mrs Helena. Can you imagine? She accuse me that I take that book.”
    “ ooh, in fact you have a brave heart . if you do that act, I’ll give you a bad experience. And I’ll kill you. I have a lot of boy friend. And they can help me. So,close your mouth.”

    I couldn’t say anything, she threated to kill me. And I knew, she was a a hot tempered girl in my college. I was very afraid. But I though, if I was die, it could make a negative effect for my parent.
    I was back to my apartment distressedly. I called James in my phone when I want to go to my bed. But, there was no answer. And I just remembered, that he went to the Kuala Lumpur with his family. So, I couldn’t share my problem to him. I called him once again. And his phone wasn’t active.
    I call my parents…
    “Hello…” said my mom..
    “Ummm,,Mom,,,I want to tell something to you.”
    “Ohh, Dear…I’m sorry,, I am busy now..You can call me Later.Okay..Bye Honey.”My mother closed our conversation.
    “Ugghh,,,I Hate it,,nothing people want to hear my problem. My parent isn’t love me. So does James. He don’t want to be my friend. He don’t want to hear my problem.”
    I though, I have to drunk a glass of beer, in order I could forgot my gut issue. And, I felt halfshot, and 00000h, I flew to the clouds of heaven…everything was pleasurably, there was so many starlight with a lot of color in the sky,, and there was a beautiful rainbow and I could see my parent there. And I wanted to call them, But, I Cant.. …..Mom, Dad, I miss you..

    “Wow,,Look..It was Beautiful. It was a different world. But, Where am I ? Where is James? My mom and my Daddy?”
    It was a small forest . wildwood exactly, with a lot of wild flower like crocus and daffodil. Look, there was a rabbit in the rabbit burrow.And I was alone in a small dinky. It has a uniq interior with wood wall and twig roof. But it has a lot of dust. Yeah,, this house was very dirty, But I enjoyed it. I smell a delicious food and fruit. ..hmm, it a good scent..
    And, I went to the kitchen.. there was a Chipmunk in front of the tree and the other cute animal..
    “ Hey, you have get up from your sleep.”
    “ Welcome to our world”.

    “I’m sorry, who are you? And where am I ?”
    The chipmunk chuckled with a cute face.
    “You can drink this cider, before I explain to you about that.”
    “Thank you. My name is Glory. Nice to be your friend.”
    “My name is Chippy”.Chippy was a Chipmunk and he cheep like a chicken.
    “My Name is Twitter.” Twitter tweet together with Chippy.
    “My name is Mocy, a cute mouse”.said mocy.
    Then, The three animals and the girl have chummed togethers.
    Next,Chippy began the story,,,,…
    “We found you in a capers under the bluberry tree. You sprawled in the ground. And we hauled you to our dinky. And we make a delicious cider in order it can increase your stamina. “ Chippy explain that story buoyantly.
    “Thank you, Chip. “

    “Okay, Lets go to the Orchard. We can go to the vineyard and Cana field,too.”Said Twitter.
    I was wonderful. And we went to a great garden with a lot of fruits and vegetables. I could eat cantaloupe and elderberry. Beside that, we also went to a river with a wonderful watercourse. When we took a rest in the riparian with a light breeze, we could saw the corey in the clouds, and we also could hear a tunefull voice from the bird…..

    When the night was coming,
    I could forget my problem in my house in a moment…I could forget about Mrs Helena, My Last examination, My College and Mashatoshi Koshiba….
    But,,……Oh my god…
    “I forgot it…I have to back to my house,..Chippy, I have to go home now. I have to solve my problem in my house..” and then, I was cry and sob..
    “ Glory,,tell you have any problem???we want to help you.” Said twitter.

    Then, I told all of my problem to them in tears. They listened carefully.
    “Hm,,I see.. be patient, honey.. we always support you. You can take the bull by the horns. Remember, heap coals on fire. Althought its like “bite the hand feeds one. Okay,, I believe you.. you are a stronge girl. “said Mocy.
    “ Its true, glory. Our kindliness will bring us to the bright future. We will console you in order you can happy.” Twitter tweet again.
    “absolutely,, we love you. We have consider that we are family. We have to support each other. So, stay for a moment with us. We can have a good time together in this wonderland” Said Chippy.
    “ And we will teach you, about the meaning of life…….”
    ,,,,,Wushhhhh,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I felt a fresh breeze cooling my mind…yeah, I wanted to know the meaning of life. . . and I had a lot of charitable friend in here. But, I miss James..
    “ James,, How are you,,” I said in my mind.

    “Unknown date”
    “Good Morning, Honey”…. Chippy awaked me, and it made me shocked..
    I unveiled exhaustedly..
    “We will go to the cascade in the glade, in Praria Forest.”
    “ yeah, we want to invite you, to see the the animal’s life around that place. You can see the moose and their fawn. It’s a touching scene. When, the fawn’s parents keep their children. And you also can see, the other special moments among that creature. And you can take the wisdom from that event.”

    Then, we went to Praria Forest. Chippy said to me, that there was a cascade. We passed a grove, and there was a great landscape with flower garden. We could play in that place, a beautiful butterfly flew up between the flower like carnationflower, daisy flower, azalea, lily,cherry blossom,dahlia,jonguil,gardenia,camellia,sunflower,primrose,jasmine, petunia,geranium,…..and so on…
    Next, we went to an unnamed place. Its not like a garden, but there was so many big trees,,, may be the age of that tree was hundreds of year. And its so hight,higher and higher, through the clouds,,there was a rookery too.
    Oh my god, this was a long trip. But, I angered to know, what happened in that cascade…its very ancient day,,
    Night was coming, we didn’t know, what will we do.. where we lived to sleep this night?...the day more and more dark, and it was cloudly. We searched a haven in that forest, but we found nothing..while, the day was getting chilly, and the torrential rain was happened…..
    We stayed at that place with plaintively condition. …….
    Huaammmhhhhh ,,,,,,,,we got up in a bright Morning..,a sunshine irradiated our body,,,,,
    “Finally, we can find a bright morning with warm temperature,,I like it.”said Mocy..
    “Yeah,,we can continoue our trip with the rising sun.” Twitter continued..
    “ Lets Go, Guys,, We have to find that Cascade.” Said me.
    “ We can finished momentarily.” Said Chippy…

    We went along the edge in this forest….we passed a footpat in the larch tree. We laughted away if there was something funny joke,,,
    “Oooooohhhhh,,,,,finally,,,…we can finish in the cascade,,, ….” I shouted happily….
    “SSSSttttt,,look, there are a lot of animals and insect.” Mocy smiled.
    We peeped in to the cascade from a big leaf….
    “that’s right, wow,, that is Ladybug,and bumblebee “Twitter said to me.
    “That is aphid”
    “That is weevil,”
    “That is Beetle”
    “That is Deer.”
    “That is Turtle”…..
    We mentioned all of the creature in the beautiful cascade…
    “That is…………………………………………………….Ummm,,,Look, is that a honeybee?” I asked.
    “ it’s a Drone” said chippy.
    “Why he look so sad?” Twitter continued..
    “Lets we search the reason”…..Mocy invited me to the cascade,..
    When we finished in that cascade,, we walked to a big tree, and there was a honey comb,, ,,,,……we straighed to asked that bee..
    “ hellloooo…”…
    “Good Afternoon”…
    “ I’m sorry,,,why are you look so sad?” I asked to the bee..
    “ Hiks,hiks,,,,,I lost my boy.”he answered my question,,
    “ummm, I’m sorry to hear that,,,” Chippy said to that bee..
    “ I’m regret,,,its because my bloomer. I always rein his activity… but, its for his self.. I don’t want something bad happened to him…I love my boy., “ that drone continoued his story,,
    “I see,,,I see”…said mocy..
    And now,, my boy,,run away from our house, he want to get a freedom..I don’t want to loose my boy… I want to kill my self..” that drone cried…
    “All of parent love their children.,whatever they do, whatever they said.. I love my child, althought I always angry with him..”…he continued again.

    After heard about that story,,, I remembered about my parents, and James.. I conscioused that my parents love me surely..they was always give the best thing for me. They didn’t want to see something bad in my life. Sudddenly, my face filled with tears…
    “I miss my parent….
    James…..” I shouted …

    “What about Mrs Helena and Masha??” said twitter to me.
    “ My Lovely friend, you have teached me about kindliness,, we have to forgive our friend’s fault..”Heap Coals Of Fire”,,,Right????..”I answered…
    “Yay,,, That’s Right,,,,,I Proud of you..” said Chippy…
    “ Friend,,…..” said me…
    “Yes,,,,what happened, glory.” Said the other..
    “I want to go home. I miss my parents and my best friend, James. But, I don’t know the way to do that” I continued.
    “ We will Help you….Glory,,,”Said Mocy..
    “We will miss you….Take care, honey..” said chippy

    Then, we leaved that cascades,,,,we passed the garden flower and the forest which have high trees again.
    When we arrived at our dinky,, Mocy, Chippy and Twitter give me a concoction… it was like a laxative. But I though, never mind… this was a cureall medicine. But, it had different function with the other medicine.. this concoction used, in order I could back to my home in Singapore…
    I miss my apartment with the cleanliness habit. I also miss a lot of place there like orchard road, and Rafless Hotel. Yeah, the situation in my house was different with the situation in the WonderLand. But it had a similarities, that is Charitable friend… I love them… James, Chippy,Mocy and Twitter….

    One hours after drank that concoction, I felt malaise and dizzy.. “Whoooamhhhh……” I wanted to sleep…I thought, I was very sleepy,, until I don’t conscious about anything…..
    One bright Morning…….
    “where are you?” I called all of my cute friend. I wanted to play with them before I leaved their dinky.

    But,,,I heard something…and I know that voice…
    “Glory….do you hear me? In fact, you can open your eyes.. “ its Like James voice…
    “Where are me ?” … My Cute Friend,,,,where are my friend in the wonderland??” I said semiconsciously,…
    “SSSStttttt,,,You have to take a rest… don’t say anything okay?”said James…
    “Ohh, My Daughter,, Honey .. I anxious about you.. you make me sad..Girl.” My mom said to me while crying,,
    “Glory, we are sorry,, we are too busy, and we cant give more interest to you.” My daddy continued.
    “Mom, Dad, James? Can you tell me? What was Happened to me?” I asked with a big expectancy…

    “Glory,,, You lay in a coma for a week. I found you in your bed, but you cant get up and you cant open your eyes… you get overdosis because you have drunk a large of beer..” said James…
    “ I’m sorry, I don’t know.. you have a great problem , dear…”my mother spoke to me…
    “ We Love you.. We don’t want to loose you..” My Daddy Cried..
    “Glory, I just Concious, that I love you. I am afraid if you cant open your eyes again. Please, don’t leave me..”James Said to me…

    “ I really happy today,,,,because, I can get an endearment from my lovely people….thank you..” I was very sweep out of this situation…
    But,,, I remembered about my friend in wonderland…in fact, when I was coma,I was dream and get high imagination about wonderland and I stayed in a beautiful forest with the cute friend and a lot of beautiful memories…but, I thought, its not an imagination only… it’s the second house for me… I miss my Cute Friend…I Love them very much…
    Next day, I done my activities like usual. But, I still remembered about my college, and about Mashatoshi.. I want to reply her crime to me, but, I remembered,about “Heap coals of fire”….it could give us a bright future..

    And, a surprise,,, one week later…
    “Glory……” I heard a voice….
    “Who’s there???” I guess, that’s the other friend in my college. But I didn’t know, who?? Somebody came to me, and said….
    “Glory, I want to apologize to you.. I have made you stress.. and I really vicious.. I have mede you, dropped out from our college. I have threated you, that I will kill you, if you tell my crime to mrs.Helena..” In fact she was Mashatoshi Koshiba..A Japanese girl, who make me get a stress…
    “I really regret my negative act to you.. in fact, I don’t get a benefit from my skullduggery.. I cant pass our Last examination…whereas, I think, if I take the question paper for our exam, I will pass that exam and get the highest mark…. In fact, Mrs.Helena Changes the question for our exam…And, she catch me ,,when I was take the other paper in her room… and, I cant say anything… you’re really kind.. you don’t want to reply my act to you. I have told it to mrs. Helena.. and you acceptable in our college, because the accusation about you is unproved.”
    “ Yeah,, truly, I take it ill. But, my best friend in my life told, that we have to give our kindiliness to every people. So, I forgive you. Because, you have admided your mistake, and tell it to mrs. Helena.” I said it happily…

    “Meaning of Life”… I have got the meaning of life,,,
    I have a great Parents and Kind Boy Friend, James….
    I could continoue study in my university….
    I could meet with Charitable friend .Chippy, Twitter and Mocy who give me a lot of explanation about My Life and gave me an unforgettable experience in the praria forest, beautiful cascade, flower garden, Vine yard..and a small dinky..
    Thank you for all of your goodness,,,,

    For my friend in wonderland…………..
    I Never Forgot you….
    I miss you, Friend…..

    Written by WIDYA HANDINI
    XII IPA 1

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